Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Cisco ISE allows users to connect gain access to WiFi and wired ports through radius authentications.

Current Issues

There are no current issues.

Incident History

Saturday 24th October 2020

Identity Services Engine (ISE): Radius Authentications Not Processings - slone22


Start Date: 2020-10-24 21:00:00
Updates & Comments

Beginning around 9pm we received reports of wireless access being down. After investigation, it was determined this was not a wireless outage but a radius/authentication outage. All three radius servers tasked with processing authentications for wireless, VPN (Anyconnect), and device management were not responding to requests. Globaprotect VPN access was no impacted since it uses a different authentication source. A rolling restart of the three servers was able to bring one up and authentications began to process again. All three servers are now functional after all being reloaded and the root cause is under investigation.

Impact: Radius authentications failing.

Affected Applications: Wireless access, VPN(Anyconnect), and device management.

Sunday 24th March 2019

Identity Services Engine (ISE): Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) Patch 6 - slone22


Start Date: 2019-03-24 07:30:00
Updates & Comments

Installation or patch 6.

Impact: None should be seen due to redundancy of environment and rolling install.

Affected Applications: None.