Microsoft Azure MFA Services Offline Sunday 18th November 2018 11:30 PM

We're investigating reports that users are unable to sign in to Microsoft 365 services using Multi-Factor Authentication. Admins, please see MO165510 on the Service Health Dashboard for more information.

Impact: Local impacts include MUNet users who have MFA enabled (all IT employees and a few dozen early-adopters) and who are either a) authenticating to a device for the first time; or b) have not selected the ‘don’t prompt me for 30 days on this device’ option’ or c) are at their 30-day MFA refresh cycle for their device.

Affected Applications: Office 365 applications and services which are MFA-enabled.

Microsoft conducted restarts across all of the infrastructure responsible for MFA connectivity and we're receiving reports of successful connections. Marshall IT Team confirmed that affected MUNet accountholders were successfully able to use MFA just before 2:30PM this afternoon. Additional technical updates can be found in the O365 admin center under MO165510 or at .

Future issues can be categorized under 'Hosted -> Azure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)'. Issue reported to and other schools confirm they are also being impacted. jbc