MUNAS Controller Failure Sunday 6th January 2019 09:28 AM

The FS8600 which is servicing departmental file shares (MUNAS) experienced a controller failure this morning around 3:41 AM. We are working with the vendor to restore the controller.

Impact: At this time minimal impact. Shares are being serviced from the surviving controller at this time. This can change.

Affected Applications: File shares at: \\munet\Departments, \\munet\admapps, and any other specific shares serviced by MUNAS.

Departmental shares are still working as expected. We have been working with the vendor to ensure the new batteries are working as expected after an unexpected calibration began Sunday night. We will continue to monitor and will provide an update in 24 hours.

The issue was identified as a battery failure and, as a consequence, both batteries in the FS8600 problematic node were replaced. The node came up and is now online and healthy. It took a few minutes to report healthy as one battery had to reach a particular charge percentage to be healthy.

No share access was affected at this time. The MUNAS appliance is operating normally and being closely monitored.

Vendor support identified that the internal backup battery has failed which caused the controller to enter a zombie state. They are dispatching a technician to repair the controller.