MUNAS Component Failure Monday 15th June 2020 11:08 AM

ITI Systems has determined that the backup power supply in controller 1 of the FS8600 servicing all MUNAS shares has failed. Due to the redundant nature of the FS8600 all SMB connections should fail over to the surviving controller. Users may experience a slight delay during the failover.

Impact: LOW

Affected Applications: MUNAS, Department Shares

Battery replacement was successful and the controller is operating as expected.

Battery replacement has been completed. We will be balancing connections across both controllers now. We will monitor for the rest of the week and track its charge process.

The replacement battery failed its calibration test. We will be replacing the battery shortly. Clients may experience some slowness during the failover to the surviving controller.

The backup power supply and CMOS battery were replaced and controller 1 is back online and running as expected. We will monitor for 24 hours.