Mail Flow Issues Sunday 9th August 2020 04:00 PM

Around 4PM, the Systems group was added to a ticket where a user wasn't getting emails from Microsoft. Upon checking the Quarantine in Office 365, the messages were located, but the public IP addresses of the servers were not. This was not limited to one node on Exchange, but affected all of them. Additionally, the ListServ was also noted to have the same issue.

The issue is the NAT through the Firewall. ITIC and ITIC are both working to identify other possibly affected systems and fix the issues.

Impact: Currently, all mail services are affected by this. Email is being delayed, not lost.

Affected Applications: -----

After monitoring logs and queues, no further issues have been identified and mail is flowing normally.

All Mail service issues have been corrected and mail is flowing as expected. ITIS and ITIC are both looking into any other issues that may be pending a fix.