Backups Offline Sunday 26th August 2018 02:00 PM

We are experiencing issues with the underlying storage servicing Commvault. We are working with the appropriate vendors at this time.


Affected Applications: -----

The issues are connected to a specific share on the FS8600. All other services working as expected.

Still experiencing NDMP issues with certain shares of the FS8600. We are still working with our vendors to isolate the issue. All other backup tasks are operating normally.

NDMP is experiencing issues performing backups on shares provided by the FS8600. Working with Dell support to identify a cause and solution.

Working with vendors to identify source of NDMP errors. Backups still performing as scheduled.

Seeing issues with FS8600 backups. Investigating this issue. All other backup jobs are running as expected.

Backlog has processed well. Down to 25 jobs left in queue. Upgrading to partial outage. Continuing to monitor.

Commvault is processing its backlog. No issues so far. Continuing to monitor.

Nexsan connections restored. Commvault is currently processing internal jobs required to proceed and process its backlog of 214 jobs. We will continue to monitor.

Storage connectivity restored. Monitoring connections as Commvault comes back online and performs initial restore jobs.

NEXSAN array suffered a controller and disk fault. Working with vendor to restore connectivity. Commvault still offline.