Past Incidents

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Teams: SDS - Class Teams Membership Issue - moore267


Start Date: 2021-04-28 14:20:00
Updates & Comments

ITI Systems was notified of an issue with users no longer seeing their class teams.

Impact: HIGH

Affected Applications: SDS-Created Teams for Spring 2021

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Banner: BDM AppXtender Outage - langerj


Start Date: 2021-04-14 13:00:00
Updates & Comments

Banner Document Management/AppXtender was unavailable from approximately 1:22PM - 1:52PM on 04/14/2021. This outage was due to a refresh of the Banstage database, which caused an application failure in AppXtender, as it was unable to connect to the banstage data source. This connection failure affected the entire application.

Note: While BDM AX functionality was mostly restored at approximately 2PM, a few minor issues persisted until approximately 4PM due to the banstage refresh. These included problems with: rendering document thumbnails, exporting documents, printing documents. We plan to investigate and plan for future refreshes to eliminate the issues experienced by BDM AX today.

AppXtender required configuration changes/component registrations and an iisreset in order to overcome this problem.

Impact: Banner Document Management, specifically Application Xtender, was unavailable for approximately a half hour.

Affected Applications: Banner Document Management Application Xtender