Linux System Patches

Sunday 26th August 2018 06:00 AM
Update: Linux system patches applied. No problems encountered during the patch process. We will monitor the patched systems for a few days to ensure that there are no unexpected issues
2 years ago - mcdade1

Purpose: To apply needed OS patches to linux systems.

Impact: There will be a brief outage on the listed systems as they are rebooted to apply updated kernels.

Affected: The following servers will be affected:

mudworksapp01 mudworksapp02 nagpra mubioinfo bannerxe04 muentapps04x muentapps03x muinfo7x mugrid02 mueaapex01 muban9adm01x muban9api01x muban9app01x muban9adm01 muban9api01 muban9app01 muesm01 mudworksdb-new​

Posted On: Tuesday 21st August 2018 09:57 AM