Banner Upgrades and Oracle Patches

Sunday 23rd September 2018 07:00 AM
Update: All upgrades were completed successfully and services were restored at about 11:30am
2 years ago - deanb

Purpose: Apply the latest Oracle Database and JVM security patches. Updates to Banner Financial Aid module, which also requires updates to the General and Banner 9 counterparts.

Impact: The Banner database will need to be down during the Oracle patches, as well as a couple of the Banner upgrades. Expectations is for 4 hours of downtime. Other minimal impact of services during other Banner upgrades which should only impact the Banner Web Admin Applications.

Affected: During the first part all services that rely on the Banner Database will be unable to connect. Some services will require a restart once Banner is brought back online. Anyone using Self Service Banner, Internet Native Banner, Banner Admin Pages, Workflow, Recruit, MUBert etc. will be unable to connect with Banner in the early hours of the morning.

Posted On: Tuesday 18th September 2018 02:08 PM