Change ADFS Token Signing Certificate

Sunday 27th January 2019 04:00 AM
Update: Systems received notification that multiple users were not able to log in to Office 365 resources. It was discovered upon looking into this ticket that the Office 365 service didn’t propagate the certificate update to the subdomain as it should have. The subdomain was updated and authentication immediately started working.
1 year ago - brooksjas
Update: The ADFS token signing certificate was updated today. No Office 365 services were affected by this change as Office 365 knew of the certificate before the change. Other ADFS services will need to be updated manually. I've notified all ADFS application admins that the change is complete.
1 year ago - brooksjas

Purpose: Extend life of token certificate to avoid portal and dependent service outages

Impact: Medium

Affected: ADFS, CAS, Porta, Adobe Sign, and any service leveraging ADFS

Posted On: Thursday 4th October 2018 11:50 AM