Banner Workflow

Sunday 11th November 2018 08:00 AM
Update: After some testing an ACL was create in the database to accommodate the new URL of A second issue of needing to add a java exception for the new URL was done on the client java control panel. The following exception entry needed to be added: . After these two fixes the tests succeeded and everything appears to be working.
1 year ago - deanb
Update: I had to move things around bit to continue to monitor the workflow engine status from Grid Control. Everything is back up and running on the new Tomcat instance.
1 year ago - deanb
Update: There is an issue with vpn so I will need to drive in. This will delay my start time to about 9:30am.
1 year ago - deanb

Purpose: We will be moving the workflow application during the maintenance window to a new server. This is in preparation for the SSO changes on the following weekend to support the new Banner 9 Admin Pages.

Impact: This move should be brief and consist of approximately 1hr of down time of the workflow application.

Affected: Users of the Banner Workflow application will lose access during this move.

Posted On: Tuesday 6th November 2018 10:54 AM