Byrd Clinical Power and Fiber Interruption

Saturday 8th December 2018 07:00 AM
Update: As of 12:00 all fiber work has been completed and all sites have been confirmed operating normally. We will continue finalizing the enclosure.
1 year ago - maynar12

Purpose: I received a email on 3-Dec that Dixon will be rerouting the power to the Byrd building on 8-Dec beginning at 7:00. During this same time they will be repairing the fiber that was damaged during the excavation of the location of the new graduate housing for pharmacy.

Impact: High

Affected: Power:

Possibilities include all networked services if the generator and UPS's have issues.

Clinics: Douglas, Pediatrics 3rd Avenue.

We will update locations as we investigate fiber paths.

Posted On: Wednesday 5th December 2018 08:31 AM