Change 400 error pages for production CAS servers

Sunday 31st March 2019 08:00 AM
Update: Pages have been updated and appear to be working as expected after server restarts. Will take some time throughout the day and monitor them to ensure they are still working properly.
1 year ago - tackettz

Purpose: Changing the other 400 level error pages so that they appear more "professional" and less whimsical in their context

Impact: (Gateway) has 2 other pages that need changed so the CAS service running on Gateway and the applications dependent thereon will be affected. (Banner) has 3 pages that will need to be changed and updated.

Affected: Gateway, ADFS, Blackboard, Banner

Was without power from early morning yesterday till round 5pm.

Will reschedule changes to these pages to the next change window.

Posted On: Monday 11th March 2019 03:56 PM