Updating Authentication Policy - Exchange Online

Monday 15th April 2019 11:00 PM
Update: After the setting was picked up, we noticed that Outlook clients, once they had rolled over to OAUTH2, were failing to authenticate and constantly prompting for credentials. The setting was rolled back and some devices that had picked up this protocol had to be rebooted to fall back to older protocols. We will re-engage support.
1 year ago - brooksjas
Update: Exchange Online was updated to enable Modern Authentication (OAUTH2). The Office 365 client has picked up the configuration and is using OAUTH2. We will leave this open for the next few days watching for any issues. We expect no major issues as Exchange Online will negotiate to the client's level at this time; OAUTH2 is not enforced.
1 year ago - brooksjas

Purpose: The ITI Systems is enabling OAUTH2 authentication in our Exchange Online tenant. This will enable modern authentication for devices/applications that support it while still falling back to legacy protocols for older devices/apps.

Impact: Minimal impact is expected as this change is not a hard implementation but a advantageous setting; it will apply to only devices/apps that support it.

Affected: -----

Posted On: Friday 12th April 2019 11:46 AM