Musysapps Replacement

Sunday 28th April 2019 06:00 AM
Update: The musysapps migration was completed at approximately 5:10 AM on 04/28/2019. We will be monitoring the server over the next few days to verify that all is working as expected while the new server is under full production workload.
1 year ago - mcdade1

Purpose: To replace our aging syslog software and accompanying OS with a current OS and more flexible log collection software.

Impact: During the transition from the old server to the new, there may be a brief loss of log entries as syslog traffic starts flowing to the new server. We anticipate a loss of no more than a few minutes worth of lost log data. We will be transferring the IP address for the current musysapps server to the new, so no configuration changes should be necessary on clients currently sending logs.

Affected: This will affect any systems that are currently configured to send log data to musysapps.

Posted On: Friday 26th April 2019 11:58 AM