[Service Affecting] OARnet 3rd Party Last Mile Maintenance Notification

Friday 9th August 2019 01:00 PM

Purpose: OARnet Support Center 1-800-627-6420 support@oar.net

OARnet Planned Maintenance Notification Affected Service: OARnet Connectivity

Impacted Site: metak12-marion

Start Date & Time: 8/9/19 12am End Date & Time: 8/9/19 6am

Summary of Work to be performed: One of OARnet’s service partners, Spectrum is performing maintenance within their network resulting in an impact to OARnet clients. We have determined that one or more of your circuits will be impacted by this maintenance. You will see a loss of service on this circuit for the duration of the work. Spectrum expects the outage to last 180 minutes, and will occur during the maintenance window 8/9/19 from 12am to 8/9/19 at 6am.

Risk Assessment during OARnet maintenance window: 1 = Minimal traffic loss risk (up to one minute outage possible) 2 = Moderate traffic loss risk (2 to 5 minute outage possible) 3 = High traffic loss risk (6 to 15 minute outage possible) X 4 = Extreme high traffic loss risk (16 minutes or longer outage possible).

OARnet Case Number: OAR-CHG0030860

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this planned work, please contact the OARnet Support Center and reference the above case number.

Network Operations Center Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) A member of the Ohio Technology Consortium 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Service Desk: (800) 627-6420 support@oar.net

Impact: X 4 = Extreme high traffic loss risk (16 minutes or longer outage possible).

Affected: Due to the redundancy of the ISP we should not see an impact

Posted On: Friday 26th July 2019 10:02 AM