FS8600 Controller 1 Reboot

Wednesday 28th August 2019 09:00 PM

Purpose: After working with Dell it was determined that the IPMI process was running at 100% CPU utilization on controller 1 of MUNAS (FS8600). Level 3 support at Dell was unable to kill or reset that process and their recommended course of action is to reboot node 1. This reboot is interruptive for 900 connections as of this request. These open connections will be closed. Dell does not anticipate any connections on node 0 will be interrupted or overall share access will be interrupted during this time. The process takes approximately 10-20 minutes. Dell does not recommend we operate in this state for any significant amount of time. 

Impact: HIGH

Affected: Users connected to controller 1 will have their sessions closed

Posted On: Wednesday 28th August 2019 04:44 PM