Oracle Patching

Sunday 15th March 2020 06:00 AM
Update: On the DegreeWorks database server the following patches were applied starting at 6:15am the following patches were applied 30502018, 30593149, 26399839. Patching was completed by 6:30am, restarts on the DegreeWorks application server started at 6:35am and completed at 6:40am. All services should be available.
7 months ago - deanb

Purpose: Apply Oracle Patches to the Banner and Degree Works databases.

Impact: This will require a 15 - 20 min outage on the database while the patches are applied

Affected: All applications that use the Banner or Degree Works databases will experience an outage while patching takes place.

Posted On: Friday 13th March 2020 09:34 AM