Upgrade ADFS Infrastructure to Windows Server 2019

Sunday 28th June 2020 05:00 AM
Update: ADFS was migrated to the 2019 stack. The 2016 servers are still available but not servicing any users. We will docommission them once we have a few days worth of verified traffic through the nodes.
7 months ago - brooksjas

Purpose: This process will upgrade the infrastructure underlying the ADFS system to Windows Server 2019. This brings more efficient services as well has enhancements related to MFA.

Impact: This is a non-interruptive action. The new nodes will be added into the farm, taking over the same functionality. Once all nodes are replaced with the Server 2019 nodes, we can upgrade the ADFS farm function to 2019.

Affected: This will have minimal impact as the configuration of ADFS is shared among all nodes in the farm. There is also no outage during this process.

Server 2019 was seamlessly integrated into the ADFS farm. Service control was transferred to the 2019 appropriate 2019 node and tested. 2016 nodes were isolated offline and ADFS was tested. All test resulted in success.

Posted On: Friday 13th March 2020 11:04 AM