[Service Affecting] - Firewall Replacement

Sunday 9th August 2020 04:00 AM
Update: We are continuing to monitor the installation and have a work session with the vendor at 10:00 am. Please let us know ASAP if you experience any issues accessing any websites or downloading anything.
2 months ago - maynar12
Update: We are experiencing some outbound NAT translations for some servers. Inbound translations appear to be fine. This is causing an issue delivering some email because of some SPF checks. We will update ASAP.
2 months ago - maynar12
Update: With the exception of VPN connections, all services have been restored. Finalizing the VPN configuration.
2 months ago - maynar12
Update: Good morning. All services have been moved over and being tested. At the moment, we are finalizing the redundancy configuration. Thanks, Kevin
2 months ago - maynar12

Purpose: To replace our existing end of support firewall, provide additional security enhancements/features, and reduce latency on specific applications such as real-time audio/video and gaming.

Impact: High

Affected: Internet Services.

Posted On: Friday 7th August 2020 11:10 AM